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Who Is Dear Nicheland?

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Our Dear Nicheland

Nicheland Skipper

The Dear Nicheland Project was founded in memory of the name and heart of Nicheland Skipper.  Nicheland was a young man who suffered from depression and passed at the age of 23. He was an athlete, gamer, artist and great friend. He had completed his first year as a student in Video Game Design at the Art Institute and was pursuing his artist dreams.   While Nicheland managed to effectively mask his own struggles, he chose to embrace and encourage his friends and relatives through their dark times.  Nicheland was known as a mentor to the many young people that surrounded him.   He was able to inspire friends from all walks of life through his positive vibes and encouragement.  Our goal is to continue to inspire young people to unmask the darkness and learn coping skills to manage their depression.


Meet Our Founder

Nichele Wysingle, MA

Nichele Wysingle has served many years in the field of social services and child protection.  Though she served many roles throughout her career, she considered her role of parenting to be the most important role of all.  Upon the passing of her only child, Nicheland Skipper in December 2017, Mrs. Wysingle discovered an alarming amount of young adults suffer daily from unaddressed issues of depression.  This discovery led to the development of The Dear Nicheland Project to create support systems to assist young adults in finding healthy ways of coping with their feelings of depression.

Mrs. Wysingle's experience includes eight years as a Mental Health Professional, over five years in Child Protective Services and fifteen years in Foster Care.  She has obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Counseling.

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