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Facing The Dragon

Author: Chezmin Burnett

Have you ever been hurt? Duh what kind of question is that, right?

The truth is: whether by person or circumstance, we’ve all tangoed with some form of pain.

The ugly truth is that without pain, there is no growth. Pain is inevitable, but it does not have to be a life sentence as we so often make it out to be. This is where we must channel our inner warrior and remember how resilient the human, mind, body, and spirit is. Pain and obstacles come to rock us to our core and shake some things up, teach us our soul lessons, and evolve us as sentient beings. It’s the catalyst for our evolution, and we must look at it as such, or else we will go through life needlessly punishing ourselves for things we have no control over. Our biggest mistakes come when we allow our traumas to become emotional baggage. Our traumas can keep us anchored in our own darkness, but this does not have to be a bad thing if we have the tools to do our “shadow work” and alchemize, or transform, our pain and trauma to be fuel for our growth. I cannot adequately stress the importance of doing our inner work so that we may evolve and not remain stagnant. Pinned up emotional energy and baggage can be a ball and chain that leave us drowning in our trauma. We must untether ourselves from that old, stagnant energy. In order to do this we must learn to go with the flow and trust our inner strength. We must be present in our pain and know that there is a purpose in it. The universe sends us every situation for a reason, which aforementioned, is to evolve us. With technology rapidly advancing in our time, we have many self help tools right at our finger tips. Help can literally be a search and a click away. In order to get the help we need though, we must first be able to put our ego and pride aside and accept and admit when we need help. It is easy to turn to drugs and alcohol for what we so incorrectly believe is relief and escape from our realities, but our typical vices only offer temporary means of escape. The real escape comes not from running from the dragon that is past pain and traumas, but from turning around, gathering our courage, drawing our swords, remembering our power, and going straight to the heart of the matter.

My hope to all, and all who may read this, is that you remember your resilience, your ability to bounce back, become present in your pain, and face that dragon, each. and. every. time. I hope you learn to be engulfed by the flames and rise anew and transformed from the ashes of your old self like a Phoenix.

Remember: Healing is a process and, like any other process, you cannot rush it.

You are here to conquer this lifetime.

Peace and blessed be.

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