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Healing Thru Self Touch

So lately I've been experiencing some high intensity emotional energy. Don't get me started on how easily I'm triggered by sudden/repeated touch and sound. With that being said, tonight I did something out of the ordinary and showered without a towel. Body wash? Yes. Towel? Nope.

It must have been spirit/my intuition that led me to do it but whatever the case, it was needed and I don't regret it!

It all started before I got in the shower; I undressed, looked in the mirror, and in light of everything I had been feeling, I hugged myself. I lovingly wrapped my arms around myself, squeezed my own arms, and repeatedly said "I love you" until

I had heard it enough. What's more life-affirming than a hug? A hug speaks volumes without any words uttered. It literally says, "I see you, I acknowledge your presence, and I love you." Who DOESN'T need to feel that every once in a while?

Anyway, I showered with my bare hands, washing myself in all the places I felt led to tend to- which was in all the parts that have the capacity to stock up on the most stress and tension (shoulder, neck, forearms, lower back, etc.) I cleansed my body and imagined my woes flowing away with the water. Once I was finished and noticed the major shift in my energy, I was inclined to do what most knowledge-seeking individuals do- I ran to Google of course! "Self touch" #search. The topic had actually been throwing itself into my field of vision by way of my social media timelines, so it almost instantly clicked in my mind what I had unintentionally tapped into.

The very first article of the search results read, "3 Ways to support your mental health with self touch'. I already knew I would love the article because it was on #happyface. I immediately dive into it and was introduced to terms such as "somatic therapy" and "supportive touch". It also touched on (pun intended hee hee hee) how simply touching your body can help you notice where you might be holding tension and how to self massage to release said tension. The article then invited me to try it for myself with a thoughtful little mini guide! Feel free to do some self-research!

The article was short, sweet, and to the point. In a nutshell, take a pause to literally "get a grip" of yourself (admit it, I'm "punny'). You could even take it up a notch by adding *safe* and *recommended* amounts of essential oils- namely the ones that aid in stress relief (lavender, etc.)- to a larger portion of carrier oil (coconut) to enhance this personal practice and ultimately your wellbeing. You can find them at almost any retailer such as Walmart, or department stores such as Burke's Outlet. *DISCLAIMER* Always inform yourself of the potential risks, side effects, and reactions that some home remedies may bring about. As always, I wish you all the happiness and bliss that you deserve. -Chezmin Barnett

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